New Project

The new Xpanded Boundaries of Success identity.

Xpanded Boundaries of Success provide services for individuals facing life altering and life threatening health experiences across the life span and to address the needed services of the community we serve. We want to educate, explore, and expand.

Combining the highest level of academic achievement with a focus on preparing our students to lead exemplary lives. This is a bold vision that requires outstanding teachers, talented, creative, motivated students, and a community that values life-long learning and generosity of spirit.

Under the guidance of extraordinary teachers, our students enrich each others’ lives every day through their shared exploration of diverse perspectives, skills, and ideas that broaden and deepen their experience of the world.

The identity designed by Richard White is strong, friendly and approachable, appealing to kids, parents and educators. The program employs a bright palette of saturated primary colors.

Secondary logo format.

Xpanded Boundaries of Success website

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Mars wanted to redesign their Kudos Milk Chocolate Granola Bars website for the healthy foods/confectionate foods market. The website demographic had to reach mother’s looking for a healthy snack food for there children.

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Design a poster for a once in a lifetime celebration in Harlem. We celebrate the First Historical cultural unveiling of the Iconic pioneer filmmaker!

Oscar Devereaux Micheaux (2 January 1884 – 25 March 1951) was an American author and film director. Although predated by the short lived Lincoln Motion Picture Company that put out smaller films, he is regarded as the first African-American feature filmmaker, and the most prominent producer of race films.[1]

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A small manufacturing company that products organic beauty products.


Business Cards


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