Below is a sample of some of the work being done at Rowhouse. Although vastly different and spanning many diverse categories and branding requirements, all showcase what it takes to deliver strong brands, as a company, we strive to deliver real results.


The New: Xpanded Boundaries of Success

Xpanded Boundaries of Success provide services for individuals facing life altering and life threatening health experiences across the life span and to address the needed services of the community we serve. We want to educate, explore, and expand.

Xpanded Boundaries of Success

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Kudos: Milk Chocolate Granola Bars

Mars wanted to redesign their Kudos Milk Chocolate Granola Bars website for the healthy foods/confectionate foods market. The website demographic had to reach mother’s looking for a healthy snack food for there children.

Kudos: Milk Chocolate Granola Bars

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Brahma: Comes with Ginga

Comes with Ginga

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Oscar Micheaux: Poster

We celebrate the First Historical cultural unveiling of the Iconic pioneer filmmaker!

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Miller Screen at Westgate City Center

Clear Channel approached us to design a site for the newest and greatest LED screen which is in Phoenix, Arizona.

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US Commercial Operations

New logo for US Commercial Operations (USCO) – Primary Care Division at Pfizer

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Healthy Moves

Annual children’s obesity awareness campaign

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